Wesco® 120L Bigswing

The Wesco Big Swing waste bin has a fantastic capacity of 120L, it makes the perfect bin for large families, offices and other commercial uses. The removable ‘swing’ lid allows for ease of use and emptying waste.
The Big Swing is made from high-quality powder coated sheet steel. It comes with a catch on the inside to hold the bin bag, meaning the bag is held neatly inside and won’t fall down into the bottom of the bin.
● Perfect for offices and commercial uses
● Lid opening making it easy to insert and remove waste
● Available in Matt & Gloss Finishes
● Available in 3 Colours
● With damper
● Opening mechanism: Lid
● Material: Steel Sheet (powder-coated)
● Width: 445mm
● Length: 445mm
● Height: 760mm
● Capacity: 120L
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