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We offer a number of quality products that require installation by qualified and experienced cabinetmakers.

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Blum SERVO-DRIVE - The electric motion support system

Ideal for handle-less furniture. Comfortable for furniture with handles.

SERVO DRIVE – The electric motion support system by Blum is mesmerizingly easy. Lift systems and pull-outs open as if by themselves with a single touch on the furniture front and close again softly and effortlessly thanks to the integrated BLUMOTION feature of Blum fittings.

SERVO-DRIVE means you need just one system for the entire kitchen. For both wall cabinets and base cabinets. The kitchen user can always intervene during movement, providing full control at all times. In the event of power failure, all fittings are still fully functional.

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Blum TIP-ON BLUMOTION Two functions – fascinatingly combined.

TIP-ON BLUMOTION combines the advantages of the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system with reliable BLUMOTION dampening. The opening sequence is activated by pressing on the front. Closure with a slight force activated the BLUMOTION silent and effortless closing. This sophisticated motion technology can be used with box systems LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX and also the concealed runner system MOVENTO. The best part: the motion is assisted 100% mechanically.

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L&S Emotion Lighting

Since their inception in Italy in 1977, L&S Lighting have grown to become a leader in the LED lighting sector in both Italy and across the globe due to their advanced technical knowledge, stringent quality control and mission to always bring new and innovative products to the market

The L&S lighting offered by Wilson & Bradley is constantly evolving with the range including many different types of LED lighting including standard LED lighting, Sensor LED (Motion & Door Activated) lighting, Emotion LED lighting (Warm to Cool), Fly Glass (LED lighting fixed to glass), Touch LED lighting and Strip LED lighting.

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OPIKE Soft Close Sliding Door System

Offering exceptional quality and design comes the new range of sliding door systems from specialist sliding door hardware manufacturer OPIKE.

Suitable for wooden doors, the range includes Top Hung, Inline and Bi Fold sliding systems to suit varying door thickness and weights with some solutions offering 2 way damping (soft open / soft open) for both 2 or 3 door applications.

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