L & S LED Flexible Strip Reel Warm White, 5 metre roll. 16.5 watt/metre, 156 LEDs per metre

($196.98 inc tax)
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● MALINDI MECCANO strip reel is designed to be used with MALINIDI MECCANO Frosted Diffuser (LSMAMFD3), Aluminium Profile (LSMAMAL3), Base (LSMAMB3), Connector Input (LSSTRECON), Fixing bracket (LSMAMFB) & Cord Grip (LSMAMCG). 
● MALINDI MECCANO Soft Link (LSMAMSL30 or LSMAMSL3) for joining 2 LED Flex strips is optional .
● Please use 30W driver up to 1.7 metres and 75W driver up to 4.3 metres.