Ambos 12kg Single Hydrolic Lift - Left-hand mounting

($251.96 inc tax)
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The Ambos “Lift” is a mobile clothes hanging bar for single door cabinets which allows the upper spaces of wardrobes to be used without the danger and inconvenience of ladders and stools.
● Perfect for single door wardrobes or wide compartments up to 60cm
● High load capacity
● Tilting arms
● Multi-functional
● Arm can be locked in loading position
● Left and right-hand versions can be used in the one application
● Quality Italian product
● Easily and fully fastens to “System 32” hole
● Maximum load capacity: up to 12kg on a single arm – up to 24kg on two door wardrobes
● Pneumatic pump (not oil operated)
● Adjusts to fit spaces 50-100mm