Ambos Wall Lift – Wardrobe Lift Rail/Pull Down Rail

($290.80 inc tax)
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The Ambos Wall Lift is a mobile clothes rail designed specifically for wall mounting. It can be used to fit out wardrobe interiors, storerooms and shops.

The lift is returned to the top position by a hydraulic device operated with a specifically designed fluid.

The plastic parts are in nylon reinforced with grey fiberglass, the vertical arms are in steel painted aluminium grey and the horizontal bar is in chromium plated steel.

● High load capacity – up to 10kg of clothes can be lowered or lifted
● Wall mounted – multi functional
● Ideal for walk in closets, storerooms, shops and other spaces
● Strong and reliable construction
● Oil less hydraulic device
● No bumpers required to soften the arm descent
● Maximum load capacity: 10kg