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Since their inception in Italy in 1977, L&S Lighting have grown to become a leader in the LED lighting sector in both Italy and across the globe due to their advanced technical knowledge, stringent quality control and mission to always bring new and innovative products to the market

 The L&S lighting offered by Wilson & Bradley is constantly evolving with the range including many different types of LED lighting including standard LED lighting, Sensor LED (Motion & Door Activated) lighting, Emotion LED lighting (Warm to Cool), Fly Glass (LED lighting fixed to glass), Touch LED lighting and Strip LED lighting.

 Our emotion lighting range, used in conjunction with either a dimmer or remote control provides users with the ability to set the contrast of the light to their preferred setting, cool or warm.

To make the ordering of L&S lighting products easier, the Wilson & Bradley website also features a number of kit codes which include LED lights, transformers and accessories helping ensure that customers have everything they need to install their lighting.