Blum TANDEMBOX intivo Standard Drawers with ORGA-LINE

Combining Silk White, Terra Black or Stainless Steel with sophisticated design inserts from a variety of materials, Blum TANDEMBOX intivo is an exciting and creative solution for TANDEMBOX pull-outs. The TANDEMBOX intivo box system works with all applications, including standard and inner pull-outs and individual solutions such as the unique SPACE CORNER and Sink drawer.

Available to suit both TANDEMBOX intivo and TANDEMBOX antaro drawer designs are Blum ORGA-LINE cutlery divider sets. These are suitable for drawers and inner drawers with cabinet widths of 275 – 1000mm and nominal lengths of 450 - 650mm. All ORGA-LINE cutlery divider sets are removable and dishwasher proof and can be combined with Blum ORGA-LINE foil, film or knife holders.